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Dr. Festa's Cellular Therapy Story

The "Side Effects" of Regenerative Cellular Therapy

Thus far, we've seen many unexpected side effects/fringe benefits from people getting Regenerative Cellular Therapy.

Personally, I have had a chronic shoulder injury spontaneously resolved-literally overnight. Additionally, and unexpectedly, I wake up completely refreshed and pain free. I am able to just jump out of bed like a 10 year old on Christmas. It is strange that I found this hard to believe for the intial 3 months, but now I am able to gratefully accept it. One day, I was taking a large load of laundry down our stairwell and found myself comfortably galloping forward. I quickly caught myself and stopped, knowing, that being over 50 years old, this could end badly. Despite my age, I decided to take the stairs two at a time on the way back up. I must say, although I was winded, I was quite pleased upon reaching the top.

Another pleasant side effect: my frequent uncomfortable 4:00am wake up time now shifted to 6:30am. When I Google searched, "what causes me to wake up at the same time around 4:00am," I found that this was the time of night our lungs typically cleanse and heal themselves. It was described, if an individual finds themselves regularly waking around this time, they may suffer from a pulmonary issue.

My father died of lung disease at 63, as his father did at the early age of 58. Needless to say, I am grateful to overcome waking up at 4:00am, for more than one reason. The least of my side effects, for some folks, could be the most important: the funky toenail on my big toe randomly fell off one day. This was 3 months after the Regenerative Cellular Therapy. It grew back perfectly normal. I had this ugly toenail for over 10 years. I hurt it playing tennis and it somehow got infected with a fungus. We tried everything, topical and internal treatments to get rid of it. Nothing worked. It had been 2 years since any treatment and one day after my treatment it just dried up and fell off. It was awesome, and I will say if that was all I got out of my stem cells I'd be happy. I can definitely say I got my money's worth, and I don't think I could afford what the real value of this treatment is.

Well, that was just part of my story. Because they worked so well in my body, 2 months later I decided to put them into my brain. Why? I've been learning about how well they were working with Alzheimer's patients and I had a very inconvenient habit of losing things and being terribly scatter-brained, or more politically biased "ADHD". Several weeks after my nasal inhalation of 1mL, I started having some frequent ah-ha moments. It's nice to have these revelations occsionally but I was getting them daily and profoundly. I feel more focused and have only lost my keys twice, I have to call this a huge success as well.