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PRP Treatment in New Kensington

Using activated platelet-rich plasma to address and eliminate a variety of health issues.

PRP treatment is an evidence-based approach to treating a host of health problems – particularly those that cause a great deal of pain. If you are faced daily with pain relating to a recent injury, are suffering from an autoimmune condition, or are looking to eliminate chronic pain, PRP treatment may be the best option.

At Optilux Wellness in New Kensington, we are always researching new ways to treat our individual patients and meet their needs. PRP treatment may be a cutting-edge idea, but you can rest assured our team of doctors has spent the time to carefully review the effectiveness of PRP treatment injections – and we know it can help!

PRP Treatment Basics

PRP injections are made up of platelet-rich plasma derived from your own blood. In order to access your plasma, a medical professional will draw a vial of your blood, which is then spun in a high-velocity centrifuge. The process separates the vital plasma from other blood components. From there, the plasma is re-introduced into the body along with growth factors designed to promote the body’s natural regenerative process.

PRP treatment has proven successful in treating some of the following conditions:

  • Ongoing pain in the arms and shoulders due to tennis/golfers’ elbow, tendonitis, joint arthritis, injuries to the rotator cuff, or osteoarthritis

  • Unmitigated hip joint discomfort caused by injuries to the hamstrings, bursitis, tendonitis, labral tear or osteoarthritis

  • Chronic discomfort in the knees due to a history of meniscus tearing, sprains, trauma to the quadricep muscles or patellar tendonitis

  • Foot and leg pain due to tendonitis in the Achilles tendon, plantar fasciitis (common in those who stand for long periods of time), shin splints or peroneal tendonitis.

While PRP therapy will not necessarily alleviate pain overnight, this all-natural, non-surgical treatment method has proven to provide long-term relief for those with chronic pain -- and can bring about comfort after just two or three sessions.

Contact our New Kensington office to get started with PRP therapy today! 724-335-5210.