Is Spinal Decompression Painful?

Currently, in the United States, an estimated eight percent of all adults report chronic, unrelenting back pain.

One Georgetown University study found that back pain, when left untreated, is one of the leading causes of missed or restricted workdays – making this condition the sixth most costly medical issue in the nation.

Fortunately, routine chiropractic care – including spinal decompression therapy – is a time-tested, minimally-invasive option for the treatment of chronic back pain.

Is Decompression Painful New Kensington PAAt OptiLux Wellness Center, our trained staff of chiropractors and massage therapists make it their goal to help patients go from a pain statistic to enjoying a pain-free life – all without surgery or the use of pain medication. Located conveniently in New Kensington, we accept many health insurance plans and look forward to serving you soon!

What is Spinal Decompression Therapy?

Unlike traditional chiropractic manipulation, spinal decompression therapy is a course of treatment that involves the use of an apparatus known as a “traction table.” Relying on basic principles of gravity and physics, patients receiving this treatment lie either in the prone or supine position and are gently secured to the table with axilla posts and a thoracic belt (if necessary).

From there, the traction table works to delicately stretch the spine in several calculated positions known to bring relief for back pain. Specifically, the process helps to reduce and eliminate spinal pressure caused by bulging or displaced discs – a common condition that places unnatural compression on sensitive lumbar nerves.

For many, the experience may be slightly uncomfortable at first however many patients report near-immediate relief (while others notice results after a few sessions). As compared with the debilitating discomfort of chronic back pain, spinal decompression offers a natural option free from surgical intervention and a lengthy recovery.

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Statistics show that lumbar injuries and painful disc misalignment continue to grow – with many patients seeking alternatives to surgery for treatment.

At OptiLux Wellness, our use of cutting-edge traction table technology, along with tailored treatment plans for back pain, gives our patients the strongest likelihood of living pain-free. Naturally.

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