How Can Chiropractic Treatment Help Tech Neck?

Traditional chiropractic techniques for a modern-day ailments such as neck pain.

Tech neck: it’s a real thing – and we (as chiropractors) are not laughing out loud.

Did you know that as many as one-quarter of all adults in the U.S. admit to being online “almost constantly?” What’s more, over 94 percent of Americans own a cell phone as of 2018.

Tech Neck and Chiropractic New Kensington PAWith all this fast-paced technology in the palm of your hand, it’s really no wonder you’re feeling such a pain in the neck. Tech neck, as the name suggests, is an actual diagnosis we are seeing more and more – and a combination of chiropractic treatment and lifestyle changes are effective methods of neck pain treatment.

What is Tech Neck?

The average human adult head weighs between 12-15 pounds. For anyone constantly looking down at their phone (typically held around waist-level), this awkward head angle can cause predictable pain on the joints ligaments and muscles in the neck. The tightness can travel, too, and can create added discomfort to the shoulders, arms, and upper back.

If putting the phone down is simply not an option, there are some ways to help avoid tech neck, such as:

  • Keeping screens as close to eye-level as possible
  • Maintaining a strong, upright posture while scrolling
  • If at a desk, keep the monitor at eye-level – and stand to do work if that is an option
  • Take frequent breaks to walk around and stretch these muscles – without the phone!

Using Chiropractic for Your Neck Pain Treatment

In addition, the chiropractors at OptiLux Wellness can offer certain manipulation techniques to achieve better alignment and reduce painful misplaced discs.

Don’t let your screen give you a pain in the neck – come see us to treat your text neck today!

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