CBD Oil & Supplements

  1. US Hemp Wholesale: We carry the 300mg Tasty Drops in Spearmint, Vanilla, and Berry. We also carry the GOLD Label 720mg. The website has a ton of content and product images but if that isn’t good I can contact them to see if they can send it to me directly. https://ushempwholesale.com/
  2. CBD Clinic: We carry the Level 5 Pro Sport pain cream in the 44g jar. Again the website is good for content and images. https://cbdclinic.co/clinical-strength-series/
  3. Creating Better Days CBD: We carry their 600mg and 1500mg CBD oil. https://creatingbetterdays.com/hemp-extract-cbd-sublingual-oils/


  1. Nutritional Frontiers: We keep a good bit of their products in stock and we will order any supplements a patient needs if its not on the shelf but the main supplements are the Best Whey, Frontier Probiotics, Turmeric (Anti-inflammatory supplement), Sugar Solve (Blood sugar management), and Green Lipped Mussels (Collagen).

    Once again the website is a good source of content. https://www.nutritionalfrontiers.com/catalog.aspx

  2. We also have a great liquid Daily Multiple Vitamin and Glucosamine with our own labeling. They are really good because they are in liquid form so its bio-available and already ready for the body to absorb.

    The multi-vitamin is fully enriched with your daily vitamin and mineral needs. The Glucosamine helps to replenish your body’s natural supply of this “joint oil” that can be lost during the normal aging process and wear and tear. I have attached pictures for these products.