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Using Chiropractic for Lower Back Pain Treatments

Written By OptiLux Wellness Center on July 9, 2019

Man with low back painA non-invasive and all-natural approach to chronic pain.

Low back pain can occur for a variety of reasons, including; misalignment, spinal injury, or neuropathy. Also, your lower back can ache due to irritation not even related to the area – a condition known as “referred pain.” Whether suffering from acute pain or a chronic ongoing problem, using chiropractic for lower back pain is often very effective.

Invasive surgical procedures to correct low back pain carry a great deal of risk – and may not always be successful. At OptiLux Wellness, we offer a custom-tailored approach to each patient’s pain – and provide all-natural relief through various chiropractic techniques.

Manipulative Therapy

Chiropractic science is a hands-on healing art, and manipulative therapy is generally included in the treatment plan for most patients.

As the name suggests, manipulative therapy for lower back pain involves a high-velocity arm lever maneuver that can quickly alleviate misaligned vertebrae. Known informally as an “adjustment,” this technique for lower back pain can bring near-immediate relief, reduce irritability in spinal nerve endings, and increase range of motion.

Mobilization Approach

The mobilization approach to lower back pain involves low-velocity stretches and exercises, designed primarily to increase a patient’s range of motion and flexibility.

Mobilization is often a good starting point for those who are new to chiropractic treatments or are experiencing significant muscle and joint tightness. Further, some patients with a sensitive nervous system may elect to pursue mobilization instead of high-velocity adjustments – we highly value patient communication and honor each patient’s individual preferences.

Try Chiropractic for Lower Back Pain Today

If you are interested in learning more or getting started with chiropractic care for your back pain, there’s a solution.

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