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Category: Shoulder Pain Treatment

The Our Optilux Wellness Center Holistic Approach to Chiropractic Care

Written By OptiLux Wellness Center on August 30, 2021

We know that every patient who comes through our doors in Kensington is looking for a drug-free, nonsurgical approach to correcting their health problems. And that’s exactly what we want to offer. Our chiropractors take a holistic approach to wellness The... Read More

A Multi-Tier Approach to Shoulder Pain

Written By OptiLux Wellness Center on October 9, 2019

Shoulder pain treatment should be equal parts restorative, long-lasting, and sustainable. In other words, the treatment for chronic pain must not only quickly relieve discomfort, but it should provide lasting relief without reliance on risky painkillers or unnatural quick fixes.  At... Read More

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