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Category: Elbow Pain Treatment

Top 3 Ways Optilux Wellness Center Chiropractors Help After a Sports Injury

Written By OptiLux Wellness Center on June 29, 2021

A big part of what we do at Optilux Wellness Center in New Kensington is help athletes, weekend warriors and active individuals recover from and protect themselves from injury. We wholeheartedly believe that chiropractic care is the most beneficial treatment... Read More

A Multi-Tier Approach to Elbow Pain

Written By OptiLux Wellness Center on December 9, 2019

Pain in the elbow can come about through overuse, sports injury or repetitive motion. For some types of elbow pain, alternating heat with cold – along with over-the-counter pain medication – does the trick. For others, however, chronic elbow pain... Read More

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