A Multi-Tier Approach to Knee Pain Treatment

Innovative stem-cell therapies to promote the body’s own regenerative power. At OptiLux Wellness, our approach to knee pain involves much more than traditional chiropractic manipulation or compression.

Stem cell therapies, including PRP treatment, are increasingly useful to patients experiencing acute or chronic knee pain – and the methods we use are truly revolutionary.

To learn more about these safe alternative treatments to knee pain, be sure to give our New Kensington office a call today.

Knee Pain New Kensington PA

PRP Treatment for Knee Pain

The human body is remarkably capable of regenerating and healing itself. One of our flagship regenerative therapies is known as activated platelet-rich therapy treatment – or “PRP” therapy. The process involves drawing the patient’s own blood, spinning it in a centrifuge to separate plasma, and re-injecting the plasma in affected areas.

Human plasma contains products known as “growth factors,” which are able to stimulate current tissue and promote its development. The goal of this therapy is to encourage the body to heal itself, and to regrow the areas of the knee that are beginning to deteriorate. The process is believed to increase the body’s natural ability to regenerate tissue from six percent (unassisted) to almost 94 percent with PRP treatment.

Stem Cell Therapy

Our office also routinely implements stem cell therapies to heal chronic pain. Specifically, we use harvested mesenchymal cells from a human umbilical cord – which are the best of the best when it comes to regenerative stem cells.

Scientifically, mesenchymal cells harvested from the lining of the umbilical cord are considered “unassigned” cells by the body – and have not yet begun a vital human function. Once introduced to an affected area, these cells are able to transform as necessary to help the body restore and regenerate.

Our office does not combine these cells with additives (this is illegal), nor do we ever use embryonic or fetal stem cells to treat knee pain. We derive our cells from labs dedicated to increasing access to these treatments and promise the utmost in quality and safety.

Your Options for Knee Pain Treatment

Our stem cell therapy is often very helpful to those experiencing knee pain – however, each patient responds differently. If your pain has not improved following other types of treatment, PRP treatment and stem cell therapy may be the next step.

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