A Multi-Tier Approach to Elbow Pain

Pain in the elbow can come about through overuse, sports injury or repetitive motion. For some types of elbow pain, alternating heat with cold – along with over-the-counter pain medication – does the trick. For others, however, chronic elbow pain requires a higher level of care, as the pain is simply too severe for this type of treatment.

Platelet-rich plasma (or “PRP”) therapy is an all-natural option for pain that utilizes the body’s own miraculous ability to regenerate itself. This option is not only completely organic but is minimally invasive and does not involve a lengthy recovery time (unlike a surgical procedure.)

How PRP Therapy Works for Elbow Pain

Elbow Pain New Kensington PATo treat elbow pain with PRP therapy, the process begins with a simple blood draw. From there, the blood sample is spun in a special machine designed to separate the vital platelets from other blood products.

These platelets hold the remarkable ability to promote regrowth and revitalization of painful, inflamed tissue in the elbow area. Once the platelets are ready, the mixture is injected into the affected area. Many PRP patients begin to see relief within a few days to weeks following the appointment.

Mesenchymal Therapy

Our office is also proud to offer an option known as Mesenchymal therapy. The concept of this treatment option is similar to that of PRP therapy, except the blood sample is derived from an umbilical cord and the platelets are able to transform into a number of different cells depending on the body’s needs.

For elbow pain, Mesenchymal therapy can be used to regrow damaged muscle tissues to bring about relief from pain, stiffness, and inflammation. To learn more about the fascinating process behind PRP and Mesenchymal therapy, please contact Optilux Wellness in New Kensington today!